At the core of who we are:
We are passionate about empowering individuals with fibromyalgia to live a happy, fulfilling life by providing them with the tools and resources they need to take control of their health and wellbeing.

    Hi, I’m Veronica!

    I’m a wife, mom, and mima (grandma) with an incredibly full (and sometimes chaotic!) life. I’m a business owner, patient care advocate, and coach of fifteen years. Oh, and I have fibromyalgia. 

    That used to be the main thing that I thought defined me—with the chronic, sometimes debilitating, widespread pain, extreme fatigue, and brain fog—but now I know that it’s just something I live with; it’s not who I am.

    And that’s what I want for you too. 

    I’ve been on this journey since 2012, and through countless visits with multiple medical professionals, renowned fibromyalgia specialists, alternative medicine practitioners, and fellow fibromyalgia warriors, I’ve learned how to live a balanced, joy-filled life every day despite my diagnosis.

    Are you ready to enjoy your life again? Good, then you’re in the right place.



    a picture of Veronica smiling.
    Our Mission is to:
    Raise awareness about fibromyalgia, provide education and resources to manage living daily with fibromyalgia, to inspire, motivate and take actionable steps to follow to create a happier more fulfilling life!


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    This is not a complete or clear guide to fibromyalgia, but it’s a start.  Continue to read fibromyalgia Living Daily, visit our Facebook page and to gain support knowledge, ask questions and inspiration