Hi! I’m Veronica Lee.

Fibromyalgia Living Daily by Veronica was created to share knowledge from my experience, lend insight, and encourage the fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog community.


I am excited to share all my personal research, and experience with you! This blog is for everyone who is suffering and looking for supportive informational solutions for fibromyalgia and chronic illness.



I was diagnosed in October of 2014. Yes, I remember the day very well! And you probably know the date your fibromyalgia chronic illness, chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog was given a name too. Although the symptoms, pain, and fatigue started more than two years prior, and maybe longer, it was good to have a name, yet I still needed help with the symptoms felt from this mysterious illness.

The symptoms did not go away by finding a name. I was extremely fatigued and had general widespread pain throughout my body. I remember days and still occasionally have them, when I could not lift my head from my pillow, or walk 10 feet in my own home. Not being able to walk any distance at all, sleeping more than 18 hours a day, not being able to attend events because I was just too exhausted, and the unrelenting widespread pain and fatigue kept me at the doctors frequently.

This was very scary and I really wanted my questions answered. I followed doctors’ advice and tried multiple medications and other routines. Some medications, some routines, and some alternative medical advice worked and some were a complete disaster. I found out there was no cure for fibromyalgia and you need to be your own medical advocate. Solutions to find relief are available and I will share my journey to give you ways to cope, receive comforting support and lead a balanced enjoyable life! I now know what will help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms and how to live a better life!

I am looking forward to communicating about various solutions and support systems that we can explore together to navigate and thrive through our invisible illness we share!



Like many of us, being diagnosed did not deliver a clear roadmap to getting well. Sharing my journey of years and years worth of personally researching fibromyalgia day and night, questioning multiple general practitioners doctors to specialty doctors, listening to others who have it, attending a seminar from a renowned fibromyalgia researcher Dr. Claw, medical centered webinars, volunteering to participating in research at the University of Michigan. I searched everywhere for solutions and asked for information and searched everywhere I could, and I now have the tools and techniques to share with you my journey through fibromyalgia and will help you navigate and thrive!

Looking forward to getting to know you! We are all pursuing a path to wellness and an understanding of our chronic invisible illness that keeps evolving. Together let’s make a happier life living daily with fibromyalgia.

Thriving with fibromyalgia!


Fibromyalgia Living Daily Mission:


Understanding Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, and Fatigue


Take care of yourself and find ways to help your body


Learn that it is okay to take time out. Meet your mind when your body fails.


Create a lifestyle that accommodates the fluctuations of your body’s needs


Share information and life experiences to help move you forward

I am presenting my own views and opinions in the blog and nothing in here is guaranteed medical advice or treatment and I am not establishing any type of standard of care for yourself or others to use.  Always consult your own physician before you start any treatment for yourself or others.  The blog posts are simply my own opinions. I am not a medical professional.  Read the Full Disclaimer here and the Terms Of Use here.