“But I don’t want a new normal…”

… I said to myself as I walked across the busy parking lot toward my car. There I was, leaving yet another specialist’s office with more frustration and fewer answers than when I walked in. 

The chronic pain. The extreme fatigue. The brain fog. 

“How on earth am I supposed to live like this?” I thought. “I don’t want to live like this. I just want my old life back, the life I had before fibromyalgia…”

Hi, I’m Veronica

And that was me ten years ago. When I woke up with pain in my shoulder that wasn’t caused by an injury and didn’t go away, my whole life started to change. That pain progressed to widespread body pain, and I was exhausted all the time. And then there was that luncheon with my friend of 20 years where I completely forgot her name. That’s when I realized things weren’t going to go back to normal. And I felt so embarrassed and alone.

It took two years, countless visits with fibromyalgia specialists and alternative medicine practitioners, and tons of my own research before I had a formal diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and even longer before I learned how to live with it and stopped letting that ruin my life.

Everywhere I went, people kept telling me I had to learn to live in my “new normal.” But that wasn’t helpful; it just made me resentful of the entire situation. It wasn’t until I resolved to become my own medical advocate that I was able to start to turn my mindset and my life around to find the happiness and joy in life that I thought was lost forever.

If you can relate to any part of my story, I want you to know that I am here for you. You are not alone.

After spending years attending seminars, researching, advocating for myself, and visiting every fibromyalgia specialist I could find, I’ve found ways to truly enjoy my life again, even with the daily struggles that come along with it. And that’s why I’m here—I want to share the tips, tools, and techniques I’ve learned through my own journey with fibromyalgia to help you navigate this complex, invisible disease and even thrive.

I need you to know that there is hope for a full and happy life even though there is no cure for fibromyalgia. And on this blog, I’m going to share with you how to find joy in living daily with fibromyalgia.

Is it all sunshine and butterflies? Absolutely not. Is it easy? Unfortunately, no. But is it possible? 100%.

I’m looking at you now from the other side of the road, and I can honestly say that I am living a life filled with peace and happiness despite having this incurable condition, and I want that for you too. 

Remember that you are strong and capable of overcoming any challenge that comes your way. Your struggle with fibromyalgia may be difficult, but it does not define who you are. You have the resilience and determination to find ways to manage your condition and live a full and meaningful life. 

So come along with me as we journey through understanding fibromyalgia, what you can do about it, how you can care for your body and mind, and everything in between. You’re not alone; I’m here with you!



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